Monday, April 30, 2007

Fugly Friends are sold

Ok, so next time I make a Hawaii Fugly Friend they will sell for $30.00 NOT $20.00. Seriously, this doll took forever. I hand made the hula dress. I could not find the doll section in Beverly's to see if there was a pre-made one. Soooooo, I had to take that raw raffia and sew it all together by hand to create the dress. It did turn out very cute but oh so much time. This doll was requested by Victoria.
I love this dolls pink flower in the hair and the tutu. Jessica requested a pink and black one for herself. I hope she likes it.

And this doll is a repeat of an earlier pig. Of course this one is different than the first one as no two dolls can be the same. I love the body shape of this one and the eyelashes are adorable. Did you notice the bling on the nose. Almost looks like snot coming out doesn't it? Stacy requested a pig as she wanted the first one sooooo bad but it was already sold.
Now I need to make a Mickie and Minnie doll. They are already cut out ready to stitch. I am very excited about these two as they are going to be oh so cute.
P.S.......I am very excited that Rachel (one of Elsie Flannigan's friends) has visited my blog and left comments. She is Uber creative and I hope she visits more often. You can check out her blog. Click on Red Velvet Art under my favorite blogs. Thanks Rachel for making my day.
have a creative day!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fab Shot

I absolutely LOVE this Lay out and this picture of Jennifer. It was taken during our mother daughter trip to Kauai for her 15th birthday present.

We had gone on a charter trip out to "the forbidden island" (do not ask me to spell the name) to snorkel and have lunch. We saw dolphins swimming with us which was amazing. Jen was afraid to snorkel but once she got in the water she was fearless. There was two seals snorkeling with us. Then we had an amazing lunch on the boat before heading back to Kauai. Jennifer did get a little nauseated on the way back as the ocean was VERY rough that time of day. It was our favorite thing we did the entire trip. Doesn't she look Hot in this photo though?

I love the colors of this layout and the two Prima flowers layered in the corner. The paper is from Rusty Pickle's Sweet Verona line. Yummy! I also used Close To my Heart "sew happy" stamp to do the stitched look around the circle. This stamp is sew cool because you can put it into the shape you want on the acrylic block before you stamp. I also faux stitched around the punched out flowers, with a Permapaque Pen, to give them the stitched look. The glitter letters are from Lil Davis. Then my favorite way to adhere buttons. Put a brad through the holes of the button. It gives it just that much more interest.

Happy Scrapping

Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Mommy

Tammie is one of my team members at my REAL job. She loved my Fugly Friends so she decided to try her own hand. I love how her doll turned out. Especially the floss pig tails and the flower eye lashes. And check out the stitching on the buttons. Now that is something I would have never thought of myself. But I will definitely copy it.
Tammie says she can create if someone tells her what to do. I would have to disagree with her. I think she is Uber creative. Tammie had a great time making her doll and plans to make more. She says it is very therapeutic and she does her creating while laying in her adjustable bed (the kind that raises to a sitting position) in front of the TV. I think I may want one of those beds.

Seriously, those pig tails crack me up. Did I already say that? I just had to point them out again.
Great Job Tammie. I can not wait to see what you come up with next.
Happy Creating.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Fugly Friend Bear

I whipped this Fugly Friend out last night in about 2 hours. Not one of my favorite dolls. However, one of my co-workers had requested a Bear. He even paid me for it already. I had my pig and the teal ones in my hand when he walked by. He asked how much and I said $20.00. He said"whew!" like it was too much. Then the girl standing there told him I make them. He turned and said "you make these? I want a bear for my grandaughter, here's the money." That was my first lesson in people will pay more for something if it is hand made.
Yesterday, in the afternoon, he informs me he needs it this weekend to give to his grand daughter, who is 2 years old. How cute is that? So, I only had last night to work on it. Talk about creating under pressure. Whew!
I think it turned out cute though. I hope he likes it.
Now I have 5 more orders to work on. Gotta do another Pig, a cow, a hula something, pink and black something, and I forget what the other one is. I have it written down at work.
Have a creative day!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Challenge Club

Challenge Club 1 met on Wednesday. Students were instructed on how to do a sketch of a layout in a magazine. Why? As Scrapbookers we get Scrapper's block a lot. Sketch's are one way to work through that block and bring back your own creativity. Most of the time your layout will not come out the same way the original layout you sketched did. When we sketch we will often add our own spin to the layout which will make it our own.
Sketches are also a great way to speed up the time it takes to create a layout. If your like me, you could take hours upon hours to THINK about what to do next. Sketches eliminate this need. You will also get many more layouts done at a crop or a retreat if you have sketches to help along the way.
Once you get used to sketching someone Else's layout you will begin to create your own sketch's.
This layout was my completed challenge. I wish I had a picture of the original layout the sketch came from. Mine came out looking completely different than the original.
I can not wait to see what Challenge Club 2 comes up with for their assignment. If you would like to see all of the assignments from Challenge Club 1 go to the Scrappery's link under my favorite blogs.
Happy Scrapping.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Boy Tim

Everybody knows how much I love Tim Holtz. Seriously, he is so mine.

Tim is an amazing artist. I have learned so much from him in the last couple of years. His techniques never cease to amaze me. I will never look at Distressing Inks the OLD way. It's Tim's way, all the way. Anyone who has met Tim knows how truly NICE he is. His knowledge of his product wows me every time. He Rocks!

Tim got into the designing world through Ranger Industries. He was a regular employee. Ranger was looking to send two people to a stamping convention. They asked Tim to go. He did not want to but went anyway. He loved it and the rest is history. Now he designes for numerous companies and his talent has gone way beyond basic stamping into the art world. Thanks Tim for all the inspiration you have given us.

P.S. check out the liquifying technique I used on the background of this photo. So cool!

Monday, April 23, 2007

more Fugly Friends

Two more Ugly Dolls from this weekend. I think I am re-naming them to Fugly Friends. I don't want the REAL Ugly Doll peeps to come after me for using their name. Jen says this first one looks like a Ugly Mouse. I did not intend it that way but I guess it does look like one.

This is an Fugly Pig. One of my co-workers requested the pig. I think it turned out rather cute.

Especially when you see the tail. I just love the tail.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Bet ya didn't know......

Bet ya didn't know I am a minister. I can hear you laughing. Seriously, I am a minister. I did it as a dare. No one thought I would really do it. But I did. I had forgotten about it when Wayland and Little Jen came to me and said, "We want you to marry week." I was shocked and scarred all at the same time. It turned out great but seriously, I was shaking through the whole thing. I am glad they asked me to marry them. It was an honor and something most people never would get to do. You can all stop laughing now.

The happy couple. Aren't they too cute.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

You know your a Scrapbooker when......

Last night we were at The Scrappery for Challenge Club. We got to giggling about the crazy things we will take pictures of. I mentioned I took pictures of Jennifer in the emergency room. the Dr. had to make her eyes turn green. I thought it was cool looking. One lady yells at her husband, as he is running out the door, to take more than one photo. 3 photos make a better layout. I heard about one lady who layed down on a bridge to get a photo, before she knew it the cops were there thinking she was suicidal.

Some of us will buy paper before we take the pictures thinking "Oh, I will take pictures like ______________ to match this paper." Even more of us will buy the paper, THEN buy the cloths to match the paper.

Brenda and I saw a lady at the movie theatre taking pictures of the women's restroom sign. "Oh, your a scrapbooker." The lady squealed "Yes I am." she then had to take pictures of all 3 of us standing in front of the sign. Brenda's husband walked away shaking his head.

Yes, we are a crazy bunch of ladies. But we love it and we will do ANYTHING to get the "shot."


Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This is one of the Lay Outs I submitted for Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest. I seriously LOVE this Lay Out. I usually gravitate to the more Maroony and Brownish colors. This lay out is brighter and I totally adore the buttons. Especially the way they are sewed onto the Lay out. The flower opens to reveal the journaling.

The picture is of my niece Tyree and nephew Cacious. Wow, I wish I knew how to spell his name. They both fight a lot but they truly love each other. Cash never seems to notice if I just start snapping pictures of him. But when I tell him to act normal he can not do it. Tyree on the other hand may grow up to be a model. She can act natural on command. Like in this picture. She was doing everything she could to get cash to loosen up. She did a pretty good job I would say.

I did not win Hall of Fame by the way. However, I gained so much just by entering. It was a very long process and not so easy. I applaud all those people that did enter. It was a huge challenge and we should all be proud of putting ourselves and our work out there. Hats off to you ladies. Your all amazing.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Joe Crafter

Sometimes when you want to get the cutest picture of your most loved pet you get the worst picture of yourself. I am starting to look like my mom. Not that it is a horribly bad thing. It's just no one wants to look like their mom. Seriously.

But, isn't this just the cutest picture of Joey. He seriously has to be on me all the time. He loves to sit in my lap. However, on Saturday when I was making some Fancy Flips he was a little annoyed that my lap was full. So........he just crawled up around my neck and "hung out" all day. It was rather cute and relaxing to know he was right there with me, giving me advice on how to be creative. He has great insight when it comes to being creative. I love my Joe Joe Potato.

Now, if I can just get Jen to not only take cute photos, but to tell me before she does it, so I can try and look somewhat cute.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Fancy Flips

Look what I did on Sunday. Can I just tell you that decorating Flip Flops is not an easy thing. It took a lot longer than I thought it would too. I only got two pairs done. But the good news is now I have cute flips to wear to work instead of the chewed up pair from last year. Let's hope I am smart enough to keep these from the dogs.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Too Flippin Cute

Yep, Nikki, Brenda and I are now addicted to uGly Dolls. Thanks Elsie Flannigan! This is my second creation. I just love these dolls. The creative energy just flows when I sit down to create one. Don't ya just love her. Too much FUN. Be sure to check out Nikki and Brenda's newest creations on their Blogs. Casey even has one on Brenda's Blog. I wish Jennifer would make one. She is sooooooo NOT a sewer.


Friday, April 13, 2007

Bear Hug

This is my friend Michelle. She has this amazing connection with Bears. Seriously. Michelle can take any stuffed Bear (they are not stuffed in her mind) and make it come to life. This bear will have a full blown conversation with you. No matter what you say to this Bear, it will answer you (in silence) and you WILL understand what it is saying. Now, I have witnessed this freaking many a people out. One such person must leave the room it scares her so bad. It seriously feels like the Bear is alive. I do not know where Michelle gets this amazing talent from. I have heard rumor that her secret wish is to be a puppeteer. She would be so good at it. It is not unusual to go to Michelle's home and find her Bears watching TV all cuddled in a blanket. Or when we go on Vacation one of her Bears will jump onto the next bed with the other Bear and have a party while we are out. Snacks scattered all around them. We found one of Michelle's stuffed friends in a jacuzzi (an ice bucket) and a wine bottle laying next to it. The towel (a napkin) was draped over the Jacuzzi and Poly was pretty wrinkled up after being in there all night. Too funny.

Michelle is also a really great friend. She listens without judging. She tries to make you see the other side of the story. Now, sometimes that can be a little frustrating as I want to be right. She kindly directs me into thinking I could be wrong. If I am right she will tell me. But this is what I love about Michelle.

She also has the one of the most compassionate hearts of anyone I know (Helen too but more about her later). When someone is having a hard time, Michelle will be the first one there to help out. When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, she went to classes with me to learn how I should eat. She was feeding me a lot back then as I was working on a book with Helen. One of her neighbors drives a UPS truck. At Christmas time this neighbor would get home very very late. Michelle did not know her real well back then, but she would take dinner over and leave it on the front porch for the neighbor when she got home. When my daughter, Jennifer, was about to not graduate High School, Michelle tutored her and had a big part in Jennifer graduating. Michelle is just that way.

Michelle is a very talented Polymer Clay artist. She is working at making herself know in the Polymer world. When we went to CHA in January, some of the famous Polymer peeps were initiating conversation with her and knew her name. She had never met some of them. They just knew who she was. I remember Michelle saying to me, "I don't want to be famous, I just want them to know who I am. That makes me feel good." She was grinning as she said this to me and I could see the joy in her eyes. It is good to be recognized in the field where your passion lye's. I for one, hope that Michelle continues to make a path for herself in this world. I have seen her work. It is sooooooo amazing. I wish I had some of her work to post for you. Good Luck Michelle......may all your dreams come true. You are a true friend.

For the Scrapbookers

I found this new site this morning. I think all you Scrapbooker's will love it. Especially my Challenge Club students. You learned how to create your own sketches this month. Now, go to this site and see some fresh new sketches done by someone else. You never know, I may just "Challenge You" to create a layout from one of these sketches. (I can hear some of you groaning now). he he he he........When you go to the site please remember to leave a comment to let them know where you heard of them. You and I will both be entered in a drawing. I don't know what we might win. But HECK who cares as long as one of us wins. To find the site click on "Little Book of Sketches" under My Favorite Blogs. Happy creating.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Yep.....I WON the challenge

Well, I won a challenge finally. Red Velvet Art put out a challenge to create an UGLY DOLL.

Now, I did not know what an UGLY DOLL was. One of my best friends, Brenda, double challenged myself and other Best friend Nikki to complete the project. I worked on my doll for 6 hours on Saturday and then another 2 hours on Sunday. The entire time I was thinking "why am I doing this" My scrapper friends and my co-workers were really thinking I was crazy and "whats the use of an UGLY DOLL." I was having a hard time explaining it. I don't think I did a very good job. They all just kind of rolled their eyes like they were thinking "OK....Debbi is just being Debbi again."

So I upload my doll to the blog the contest was on. They promised an update the next day. I swear I must have checked that blog 100 times that day. I finally gave up thinking that they would do it the following Tuesday. About 10:20pm that night Brenda called me telling me I had won. I thought she was lying (she pulls my leg like that a lot). She swore on her children, husband, dogs and triple pinky sweared me. So, I go to the computer, waiting....waiting....waiting it finally comes up and SCREAM jumping up and down. I am so excited to win this contest. I will get Red Velvet Girls first monthly kit for free. No clue what is in the kit but I can hardly wait until it arrives. It's gotta be good.