Monday, January 28, 2008

And Then you get One of These

Ok, so it's 9;10 pm. The store closed 10 minettes ago but we are not done ringing everyone up. Keep in mind.......I am tired, cranky, and hungry. It's been a very long day.

My customer hands me a shirt and pants. "I need this in a bag. Don't get them wet." Okey Dokey. Not a problem right? "I said don't get them wet!" ME: "Yes, I know" I hand her the bag.

She hands me another shirt and pants. "I need these in a bag." I put them in a bag. THEN she hands me another shirt and pants. "I need these in a bag." Now I am thinking "lady...........are you kidding me right now? Please tell me you are not going to do this for the whole cart you have there?" But of course I can not say this out loud to her. I put them in a bag.

Lady: "Do you have a bigger bag? Put the three bags you just filled into a bigger bag."

Me thinking "Oh HEElllll NO" But I do it.

She hands me a spatula and a can opener. "I need these in a bag" Are you catching the part where she is handing me all of these instead of putting them on the conveyor belt like most normal customers? Are you catching the part where we are past closing and I can go home when I am done ringing her up?

She hands me then hands me 6 items from the dollar section. "I need these in a bag" I am trying not to say anything to her for fear it will come out all irritated sounding. Which I AM......but.......customer service ettiquette says I can not do that. Dam which point she says. "NOw put that bag into another bag"

Then I ring up her last item which was 8 plastic boxes the size of shoe boxes with plastic lids. You know the storage kind. She is digging for her money. To make things go a little faster I walk around to her cart to put the boxes in. Then I think............"what if I put them in there wrong. Ok, don't put them in" I set the boxes back on the counter by the cart. She gives me her payment and I tell her I was not sure where she wanted the boxes.

Lady "oh put them in a big bag." Dam I should have put them in the cart anyway. I put the lids in a big bag and she says "and the bottoms can go in another bag"

Me: "Can we put them all in the one bag?" Knowing the big bag totaly will hold all of these.

Lady: "I would prefer two bags so it does not bust out."

15 minettes it took me to get her out of my line. I was sooooooooo DONE for the night. And, WHY do these people wait until closing to check out? AND, do they know we get graded on how fast we ring them up? I think she was a spy testing me. She had to of been. No one REALLY does that stuff to cashiers. RIGHT?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Girl Panties

Another customer post! I am finding my customers to be quit entertaining.

This man comes up and has one item to purchase. A pack of little girls panties. This would not have been so alarmning if he had not of said.

man: "I opened them to see how big they were."

Sure enough on pair of the panites were out of the bag. My head was yelling "pedofile, oh my gosh, pedofile". I must of looked at him with a horrible sickening look all confused like.

He quickly added "they are for my dog"

me: "WHAT!"
man: "my little dog is in heat. If I don't put panties on her it is just a mess."

I was so relieved and even giggled at this.

Me: "you do know they make doggie diapers?"
man: "yes but you can rewash the panties and use them again."

Now I have heard every thing. Seriousy, panties on a little doggie. He has a great idea though. Still giggling over here.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

He did NOT!!!!!!

This man comes to my register last night. He was probably about 35, had not shaven in a couple of days and his hair was all messy. He was not in shape if you know what I mean. You know the pot belly that most men get when they get older. His shirt was at least 10 years old, stained and had a hole in it. Underneath the shirt there must have been another shirt holding something in the chest pocket as it was protruding. He had salt and pepperish colored hair with a chubby face. His hands were dirty like he was a mechanic or something along those lines. Overall, he was not someone I would be attracted to.

What happened next is what made this man "My Customer of the Day". He was purchasing some cold medicine. For some of you that don't know, we have to ID people who buy cold medicine to be sure they are 18. The register itself prompts us to ID the buyer. His friend noticed the register prompting me and asked why we ID for cold medicine. I told him why and my man says "Come home with me and I will show you my ID".......................

My head screams """""WHAT? He did NOT just say that!!!!!!!!""""
I try to ignore the comment. I tell him his total is $23.63.

Wait it gets worse...................

He puts his payment on the counter. $23.65. All is good right? NO! In my head I am thinking the total was $23.69. So I look at him waiting. He looks back and says "thats it". I shake my head a little like I am a dork and say.........."Ohhhh, I was thinking 69" (like in 69 cents) his friend starts to laugh and so does he.

My head screams """"""CRAP! I did NOT just say that!!!!!!!""""

I try to ignore it but then he says "And why where you thinking 69?"

My head screams """""OH MY GOSH! get this man OUT of my line. Seriously, do I LOOK like I would be attracted to you? GO AWAY NOW!Ewwwwwwwww!"""""""

I ignored his comment, gave him his 2 cents change with my head down and moved on to the next customer. That was such a BIG Ewwwwwww. Gross. He may have been missing some teeth too. Not sure on that one. I was totally grossed out.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Customer of the Day

Three younger guys come to my cashier line the other night. Guy #1 has this cute tie with Martini Glasses on it.

Me: "Cute tie."
Guy 1: "Thank you"
Guy 2: "Is that a pickup line?"
(all laughing)
Me: "No."
Guy 2: "Oh, that would have been a good pick up line."

Guy 2 buys nothing. Guy 3 has a tie also but his has Champagne glasses on it with bubbles.

Me: "Oh, CUTE tie. Love the bubbles."

They all look at me

Me: "THAT was a pick up line."

(all laughing)

Guy 2: "Obviously, it was the bubbles that did it. I am going to have to use that line."

They were a fun group of guys. They were going to Tahoe for the weekend and they needed ties for the night life. I love when I have a good time with my customers.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

7 wonderful Years

Every 2 years I get a "Years of Service" award at our annual Christmas Party. This year our Christmas party was canceled due to the passing of a co-worker. My boss's wife, who worked at Benchmark for 9 years. But that is a different story.

We had our monthly company meeting on Thursday. The awards were given at the meeting that should have been given out at the Party. I was so thrilled to receive this amazing Lenox Crystal vase for being with the company for 7 years. I have actually been there almost 8 years. Carrie and I were the only ones awarded 7 years. This vase is sooooo heavy and it is about 18 inches tall. So BIG! It is amazing and I am honored to receive such an awesome award.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I went furniture shopping last night. Getting an idea of what I want. This I think was my favorite. The colors in the picture are all wrong though. It is really a dark brown with Robins Egg Blue accents. So stunning and pretty.
This was one of my other favs. It is a soft sage green with yellow and orange accents. Not sure which one I like better. They are both really comfy. The second one you can sit up a little better without leaning back. What do you think?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Blood for no Reason

Those of you that know me know I am a huge fan of saving peoples lives. Meaning I give blood any chance I get. Every time you donate blood you save three lives. 50% of the time I try to donate my Iron is not high enough so they turn me away. But I try every time. I have not been able to even try for a year as I went to Honduras on a vacation. Honduras has a high risk of Malraia.

Yesturday, the blood bank came to my work. I was so excited to be able to donate again. I got three co-workers to go with me. They tested me and the Iron level was great. Whew! Super excited now.

I have bad bad bad viens so getting a needle into my arm is always a problem. After swiveling the needle around in my arm a bit they finally hit the vien. It's all good. I figure I can go through a little bit of drama and pain to save three people. Right?

I am laying there for 24 minettes. Aparantly my blood is running a little slow. They moved the needle around some more and pulled the skin tight around it. Seemed to work better by still flowing slow. One of my co-workers finished in 5 minettes. GREAT! I am a slow flower. We finally get all done and all is good.

As I am sitting there eating my little snack Jessica (co-worker) asks me about my psoriosis treatments I have been getting at the Dr. The nurse is listening and is amazed the Dr. is giving me the treatments I am getting. The treatments are meant to stop the immune system which in turn treats the skin problem I have. She asked what meds I was taking and I told her.

About 3 minettes later she comes up to me and lets me know that one of my meds does not allow me to give blood. WHAT??????? I just went through all that for nothing. They had to destroy all the blood they just took from me. Yep, I had a great day.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Two Jenz

I adore this photo of my Jen and her best friend Jen. They don't take very good photos together. So when this one popped up I was thrilled. Not so thrilled with the layout though. Could have been so much better.

I think I have made a huge decision with my living quarters. Not sure yet. But I am almost positive. I would share but I am not completely ok with it yet. However, I am looking for big changes in 2008. And this one would be BIG.