Friday, October 26, 2007

Bad News

Remember me telling you that jenni was put into a Medical Platoon in Boot Camp? They did testing on her to see if she can serve in the military? Well, from what we can gather, and it's not much, she has now been moved to the Separation Platoon. Meaning, she is coming home. They did more testing on her yesturday. I guess she failed her medical tests. But keep in mind we can not get much information. We do not know what tests they gave her or what medical conditions she may have. My guess would be that she really does have asthma and I never really believed her. What a horrible mother that makes me feel like. I am trying to stay possitive. It is hard. I feel like I should have known all along and everything we have gone through up to this point was for nothing. I am still proud of her for even going and trying in the first place. She is still an amazing young woman. She has done things most people would never even think of doing. I feel defeated for her and wonder what her future holds now that her one GREAT chance is gone. I keep trying to remember that this just means she was not meant to be there. God has a different plan for her. I just wish I knew what that was.

We have heard it could take up to 3 months for them to get her home at this point. That would suck. We have heard they put them on a bus with $90.00 cash. How horrifying is that to think she will travel across the United States on a bus. A single lonley female. Not very safe is it? That scares me. I wish I could find out more so I could feel more at ease. I will let you know if we learn anything new.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Marine Recruit Interview

My friend Jaime works for PNN Network. She interviewed Jenni a couple days before she left for boot camp. I only wish she could hear this interview while she is gone. It would remind her of why she made the decision she did. Leave her a comment on the web page PNN set up for her support.

Thank you Jaime for sharing this information with us. It means so much to me. I really needed to hear her voice right now. I miss her.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Little Cuteness

I made these on Saturday for the SIStv crop in Fairfield on Sunday. They were a hit. I used white cake and colored it orange. The icing is Buttercream. I think they turned out rather cute but there was another learning curve for me on these.

As most of you know, my oven does not work so I have been doing all of my cakes etc. in a toaster oven. I did not have a cupcake tin to fit in it. So, I got this great idea to use the new silicone baking cupes. All good so far. Right? Sure! The cupcake paper holders did not fit in the silicone cups. The cups are smaller. So I clip the edge of the paper to make it fit in better. Problem was, the paper still did not go all the way to the bottom of the cup. Most of these cupcakes came out with a rounded bottom and deformed top. Oh well, no time to start over. So I decorated them up anyway. They came out so moist and yummy. I have found a tin to fit in my toaster oven for next time.

My next plans for a cake are BIG. Gonna try something BIG. Can't tell you what yet because it is for a bakeoff at work. I don't want one of my co-workers cheating by reading my blog. I hope it comes out right.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

She's a Recruit

It's been a week now since Jenni has been in boot camp with the Marines. I can not tell you how hard it has been for Matt and I. I can not even begin to imagine what she is going through. She called us from the layover in Dallas crying to come home. I think she just all of a sudden realized she had really left and there was no turning back. She was so strong in front of us. It probably all caught up with her when she got on the plane. It was a horrible phone call. Matt and I were strong until we hung up and we both lost it.

Then at 11:30 our time, 2:30 am her time we got the "official call". That was even worse because she could only say to us what was on the script. "Recruit arrived safely at Parris Island. Do not send bulky items or food. I will send a postcard in 3-5 days with my address. That is good for now." Then we heard a click. That was it. Nothing else.

We got a phone call from Gunnery Sargent Monroe, the head of the recuiting office, two days later. Jenni had told them she owed outstanding traffic tickets. Gunny said we had to get them paid now or they would send her home. So, I went to the president of my company and got the money to get it paid. Not even an hour later Gunny called again and said Jenni had gone back in and told them she had Scoleosis, flat feet, headaches, HPV, and asthma. UHG! They had to have scared her real bad. Gunny said she is thining "what the heck did I get myself into, got scared and spilled anything she could to make them send her home.

So, long story shorter, they have her in a medical platoon. They did a lot of tests on her yesturday to see if she has asthma or not. If she fails the test there is an 85% chance they will send her home. If she passes, and I am sure she will, then they will drop her into the next incoming platoon there is. So, now she is going to be gone longer than we had planned.

I know she is having a horrible time. They all do. She will get through it. But her mind is not there yet. Brenda started and support group on yahoo for her. I would REALLY love it if you all could go there and leave her messages of encouragement. She does know the group is formed and I will be printing the messages to send her. I can't tell you how she knows but trust me she does. The address is ...... please leave my girl a message.'

Oh and this picture is of her swearing in to protect our Country literally 5 minettes before they took her from us. I will post her address as soon as I get it. Thank you all for your support.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Going away Cake

Most of you know my daughter Jenni is going to Marine Boot Camp. Yep, leaving in 4 days. Last night her and Matt decided to have a going away party here in our house. There were about 35 young adults here to show their support for Jen. Her friends love her. This is the cake I made for the occasion. I tried really hard to make it look like the Marine emblem. Didn't quit turn out that way but it's close.

First off lesson one was never use parchment bags for Whip Cream. It's too wet and the bag will bust open on you. Lesson two was if your gonna use black, then put it aside and then use black again, get a new bag. Otherwise your old bag will drip black runny gunk all over your cake. Lesson three was when you run out of plastic decorating bags you can use a sandwich baggie but don't cut the hole too big or your whip cream will shoot out in a big splat right where you don't want it to land. Just wanted to share with you.

Most of Jens friends said they will still come hang out with me even though she will be gone. I believe some of them because they are amazing friends. I will miss her.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Lizzie's 1st Birthday Cake

I had a great time making this cake. It took about 11 hours total including the baking. The cool thing is I used all whip cream. Even for the decorating. I was not sure how that would work as I have never worked with whip cream before. It worked out great. I now know it would not work for something like roses. It is far too thin.

Elizabeth turned one and her mom wanted the cake to not look like a cutsy first birthday cake. We talked about it. She wanted a tiered cake that was off kilter with strips, dots and swirls. Oh......and PINK. This is what we came up with. It was a hit at the party.

I used a 8 inch, 6 inch and a 3 inch pan. Supported it with wooden dowls and wa la! So flippin cute.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Give Me More

This man is going to take Jen away from Matt and I in 11 more days. Yep, Gunnery Sargent Monroe will be taking her to boot camp. He looked amazing at the wedding. He walked me down the isle and then he was one of the men in her life standing along the isle to give her a rose as she walked down the isle. I think one of the dumest questions I heard that day was, "Why are the Marines here." Um, duh, because she is going in the Marines. People crack me up sometimes.
Before the wedding I told my photographers that I wanted pictures of Matt talking to Jen through the door. I am so glad we got these pictures. Matt was sooooooo NOT happy about not being able to see her the day of the wedding. He just could not understand the "tradition" and the "bad luck" thing. To this day he will not tell me what he said to her through the door. Anybody else that was there can't remember. So annoying. I want to know.

Ahhhhh, this is Jen on the other side of the door as Matt talked to her. How cute is that? He made her cry so whatever he said had to be good. From what people tell me Jen got rather impatient after she talked to him. She just wanted to "Get the show on the road." It was taking far to long for her liking.

I LOVE this picture. It was taken right after they talked through the door. I love how they captured this moment. She cried a lot throughout the whole thing. So much so that her eyelash fell off in the middle of the ceremony and landed on her dress. It was kind of funny. I am glad she did not freak out over it. It was what it was.
AHhhhh. The traditional carrying of the bride. They both look so happy. I hope it lasts forever for them. They are rather cute together. Even today they are. The only thing I have noticed that has changed since they got married is that Matt does not make my coffee for me anymore. Hmmmmm..........

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Some of my Favs

Ok, so I got 3 DVD's full of wedding photos. Can you believe it over 2000 photos. I am so glad we had 3 fab photographers. Each had their own style so we got a ton of awesome photos. This one just happens to be my all time favorite. Jen was sooo beautiful. She wanted to feel like a princess. I am pretty sure we acomplished that

I so love that her picture was taken in front of this old truck. Kind of reminds me of old meets new. And check out that train on the dress. Totally HOT! If you know what I mean. I can not even tell you how many amazing photos were taken. But I seriously love this shot.

This is a shot of all the girls next to an old building down in Railroad Square located in Santa Rosa. Love, love, love the building. I am so into non traditional photos. You know, the artistic look with the grungy non expected backgrounds. Loved the girls dresses too. Red is HOT

And then there are the boys. Oh yes, the boys. You gotta love them. They were all amazing and really got into the photos. I think they all did a fab job of being themselves and feeling comfortable for the camera. I can not wait to show you some of the other great pictures these boys took. They had a great time.

I love the looks on all their faces in this photo. You can tell they were all having so much fun, not posed at all. They just did what was coming natural. Having a great time. This photo cracks me up every time I look at it. More photos coming soon. How could I not share more when there are so many to choose from. I can not wait to scrap some of them.