Monday, January 28, 2008

And Then you get One of These

Ok, so it's 9;10 pm. The store closed 10 minettes ago but we are not done ringing everyone up. Keep in mind.......I am tired, cranky, and hungry. It's been a very long day.

My customer hands me a shirt and pants. "I need this in a bag. Don't get them wet." Okey Dokey. Not a problem right? "I said don't get them wet!" ME: "Yes, I know" I hand her the bag.

She hands me another shirt and pants. "I need these in a bag." I put them in a bag. THEN she hands me another shirt and pants. "I need these in a bag." Now I am thinking "lady...........are you kidding me right now? Please tell me you are not going to do this for the whole cart you have there?" But of course I can not say this out loud to her. I put them in a bag.

Lady: "Do you have a bigger bag? Put the three bags you just filled into a bigger bag."

Me thinking "Oh HEElllll NO" But I do it.

She hands me a spatula and a can opener. "I need these in a bag" Are you catching the part where she is handing me all of these instead of putting them on the conveyor belt like most normal customers? Are you catching the part where we are past closing and I can go home when I am done ringing her up?

She hands me then hands me 6 items from the dollar section. "I need these in a bag" I am trying not to say anything to her for fear it will come out all irritated sounding. Which I AM......but.......customer service ettiquette says I can not do that. Dam which point she says. "NOw put that bag into another bag"

Then I ring up her last item which was 8 plastic boxes the size of shoe boxes with plastic lids. You know the storage kind. She is digging for her money. To make things go a little faster I walk around to her cart to put the boxes in. Then I think............"what if I put them in there wrong. Ok, don't put them in" I set the boxes back on the counter by the cart. She gives me her payment and I tell her I was not sure where she wanted the boxes.

Lady "oh put them in a big bag." Dam I should have put them in the cart anyway. I put the lids in a big bag and she says "and the bottoms can go in another bag"

Me: "Can we put them all in the one bag?" Knowing the big bag totaly will hold all of these.

Lady: "I would prefer two bags so it does not bust out."

15 minettes it took me to get her out of my line. I was sooooooooo DONE for the night. And, WHY do these people wait until closing to check out? AND, do they know we get graded on how fast we ring them up? I think she was a spy testing me. She had to of been. No one REALLY does that stuff to cashiers. RIGHT?


SpAzzGiRL said...

People do that ALL THE TIME here and are weird about...these things go in one bag and "I'd like these 5 items in a paper bag."
And let's not forget those people who are in the 10 items or less line with 45 items...didn't see the sign??
I don't envy you and wouldn't have held my tongue, for sure!

Lori said...

Girl, you did good!! I don't know if I could have kept my mouth shut!!!

That Girl said...

lol...or you work in the 10 items or less line? That's hillarious but I totally feel for you. I just don't have the mouth control for customer service.

Lisa said...

I don't know where you work, but good job on keeping your cool! I have worked retail (10yrs) and the worst is shoes.. late at night.. oh the worst!

Jaime said...


QallieQ said...

Damn chicky, props for keeping it to yourself.... hopefully I will see you soon, I will try and stop by the shop this week :)

china59 said...

Mmmm, murder, she thought !