Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Might Be Back

After months and months of no blogging......I might be back.
I wanted to show you my new "Word Wall" in my new home. I totally LOVE it. The little words I got at Michael's for $1.00. What a bargain. I repainted them to match my theme. I got the "Family" on sale at Mervyn's. The other big words are just wood letters I bought. The "Simplicity" came from this little hole in the wall store in downtown Sonoma. It is all metal and needs to be painted a different color. I am asking you.....What color do you think it should be?

I have created my Studio in my extra bedroom and a couple new layouts. I will be sharing those in the following days. It's good to be back. Missed you all.


Cassie said...

I think that you should make it the same green color as the word Relax. It will kinda look "framed".

Denise said...

Cool wall. Welcome back. I just started blogging again, too. Must be spring!

Brenda Smith said...

Definitely green! Welcome back!

Sharmaine said...

hi there, missed ya!
Love the words!