Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I would like to formally introduce you to Annabelle. She is the cutest little/big puppy ever. Well, not really. I personally don't think Pit puppies are cute. However, she is my new grand daughter so I have to think she is cute.

Annabelle is 10 weeks old. The girl must weigh 20 pounds by now. She is going to be a big girl. Did I mention I totally LOVE the name Annabelle. Very Victorianish.
This is when we took Annabelle to the lake in Sonora. We wanted to make sure she new how to swim. She would not go in the water on her own. Matt picker her up and took her out to make her swim back. Before we knew it she was going out on her own to fetch the stick.

Annabelle had a hard week. She went to the River with her Mommy and Daddy. When they were out there a full grown Pit attacked her. The owner punched his dog in the face to make it let go. That did not work so he shoved his dogs head under the water so it could not breath. He let go of Annabelle at that point.

Mommy and Daddy rushed her to the vet. Her left ear was almost tore off. She got 10 staples around her ear. The owner of the other Pit did go to the vet and paid for the damage his dog inflicted. My guess is he was scared they would turn him in and he would loose his dog.

A week later Annabelle's ear was draining gunk. Daddy took her back to the vet. The first Vet did not stitch her all the way nor did they clean out the wound. Daddy took her back out to the first vet. They fixed her right up. Now she has 12 staples around her ear. Poor little girl. However, it made mommy and daddy more concious of the damage a Pit can cause. They will be more careful with her training now. That's a good thing.

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Lori said...

Awww, poor Anabelle!!! Hope she is getting better!!!

Love your lo's from the last couple of posts!!